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Multi Slice CT Scan ( 16 Slices )
Computed Tomography (CT)
Multi-slice CT scan is much faster technique of scanning than conventional CT scan. It gives thinner slice images with greater resolution & detail information. Large area of body can be covered in a single breath hold. Hence CT Angiography in various parts & various organs of the body.
The new Multi-slice CT scan is also a latest advance diagnostic modality, which will give us edge over the other old generation CT scan machines. We also have additional diagnostic facilities like Digital X-ray & Sonography.
16 Slice CT Scan
CT-Scan Spiral Multi Slice    
  • Brain plain / with contrast
  • Sella / Orbit
  • Brain & Sinuses
  • Paranasal Sinuses
  • Axial / Cornal
  • Inner Ear / Temporal bones
  • TM Joint / Neck
  • Chest / HRCT Chest
  • Abdomen Whole
  • KUB / Pelvis
  • Spine
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